Your First Visit

We love to welcome new patients to our practice! We value your confidence in choosing us, and work at making your initial visit comfortable, productive and enjoyable. Usually, a Panoramic X-Ray and photos are taken at this visit, followed by a clinical evaluation by Dr. Monica. Each patient is unique and during this visit, Dr. Monica will determine the individual needs of your/your child’s case.  If treatment is indicated, then you will be given information about the process, timing, estimated fees, etc.


Things to Bring With You at Your First Visit

  • Completed New patient registration form (Click here to access online forms)
  • Dental Insurance card/s
  • Any recent X-rays or records (Panoramic X-ray, Cephlogram, study casts, photos), if you have them. Please check with your dentist if the patient had a Panorex within the past 6 months, and bring along a copy of this, so we can limit radiation exposure to only what is necessary

In order to allow time for Dr. Monica to discuss the treatment recommended and address your questions, we schedule most consults for 45 min to an hour, so please plan your schedule accordingly. We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent, so you have a good understanding of the recommended treatment.

Treatment Discussion

Prior to starting active treatment, required records are taken, typically consisting of specific X-rays (Panorex and Cephalogram), impressions of the teeth, photographs and a detailed examination. Dr. Monica will discuss the treatment plan with you in detail, and answer any questions you may have about the same. Treatment options, timing, length of treatment, risks and benefits, fee for treatment, financing options, etc. are discussed. We always encourage any questions and feedback from our patients, as we believe that well informed patients make the best patients.

Subsequent Visits

The timing of actual appliance placement and frequency of subsequent visits varies depending on the treatment modality. For routine braces, separators are placed and the braces put on after a week. Most patients will then be seen for adjustments every 6-8 weeks. Adjustment appointments can usually be scheduled later in the day, so children do not need to miss school. However, if it is necessary to schedule earlier appointments for certain procedures, we will provide you with an excuse note for school. For Invisalign treatment, there will be a couple longer appointments, but most appointments are quick, and can usually be accommodated after school.

Visiting the dentist during orthodontic treatment

It is very important that you continue to visit your family dentist once every six months, even during your orthodontic treatment, for teeth cleanings and routine dental checkups. In some cases, it may be beneficial to see the dentist more often (on a 3 month schedule) during active treatment. We encourage you to also discuss frequency of cleanings during orthodontic treatment with your dentist as they may be able to guide you regarding frequency and additional special care.

We try to provide a lot of basic information on our website, and you can also visit our Orthodontic FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. If you need any additional information prior to your visit, please call us, we would be more than happy to talk to you and try and provide you with the information you are looking for.