Before and After

Orthodontic treatment is unique to each individual, and our goal is always to get the best possible result for each patient. Here are some of our patients’ before and after photos showing different problems that can be corrected with Orthodontics:

Deep Overbite


Before: Deep Overbite Excess Overjet Narrow Jaw Crowding
After: Treated with headgear, biteplate and braces

Severe Crowding

Before: Severe crowding, blocked out upper canines
After: Treated with upper and lower braces
Treatment time: 14 months

Narrow Upper Jaw

Before: Narrow upper jaw with crossbite tendency, crowding and tipped back front teeth
After: Treated with Expander (8 months) and Braces (16 months)

Severe Spacing

Before: Severe spacing and deep bite
After: Treated with Invisalign
Treatment time: 13 months

Open Bite

Before: Open bite, narrow upper jaw, severe malalignment
After: Treated with upper and lower braces
Treatment time: 17 months

Severe Crowding And


Before: Severe crowding and mal-alignment, anterior crossbite
After: Treated with expander and braces Treatment time: 24 months